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ECOGEC's exclusive gabions provide one of the most sustainable and durable methods for enclosing sites, stabilising slopes and constructing walls quickly and easily.


ECOGEC constructs high-quality masonry structures and facings as site enclosures with striking geometrical accuracy.


Solid gabions from ECOGEC assure excellent retention, support and stabilisation of squeezing and slipping soil.


Characteristic dry-wall systems in all shapes and sizes achieve harmonious unity with the surroundings, with nature and with adjacent traffic routes.


Especially popular are ECOGEC's gabion cages. The steel cages are filled with rocks and can be arranged to form a dry-stone wall within an extremely short time.


ECOGEC gabion cages can also be integrated into the soil, thus performing an additional support function and providing an unusual eye-catching feature.


Gabions often perform multiple functions. Here, a long gradual curve has been shaped and slipping of the slope additionally prevented. The adjacent paths, stairways and planted areas present a harmonious visual whole.

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