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Moving soil on a grand scale is one of EGOGEC’s core capabilities. Our extensive modern range of vehicles and machines enables us to effortlessly move large and small quantities of soil. Thanks to our many years of experience, we can master every challenge and work professionally, quickly, efficiently and with high precision.


Carefully organised movements of soil are the basis for all new drain/sewer and road projects. ECOGEC specialises in the reliable and highly competent performance of this preparatory work to provide the basis for all further operations in large-scale construction projects in the overall portfolio.


ECOGEC possesses a large and diverse fleet of modern machines operated by optimally trained and motivated professionals. These factors enable ECOGEC to maintain and manage several large-scale building sites simultaneously.


Our portfolio encompasses major projects like the construction of the new swimming pool in Strassen, Luxembourg which call for a large number of services from our extensive range of services. This range includes earth cutting, site modelling and the excavation of foundations and trenches.


For the swimming pool in Strassen, ECOGEC performed all mass excavation work, cutting of the construction trenches, preparation of the foundations, all drain/sewer and landfilling and the subsequent asphalting and paving work.


ECOGEC's core capabilities include large-scale site modelling, the design and implementation of the supply infrastructure for new development zones and drain/sewer and road construction.

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